Thursday, December 11, 2014

Readymade Garments For Young Men at Wholesale and Retail in Suburban South West Delhi - Rock Collection

Rock Collection
Budget Lifestyle for young-at-heart males of a crowded Metro suburb deep inside
Variety is available with them for the young urban males who possess a desire to graduate from the static and defunct lifestyle and be in there, with the crowd. Young men of the area and around can make a beginning from here.
Address: RZ-2/275, Shankar Park, West Sagar Pur, New Delhi – 46.

Owner: Sandeep Sharma
Mobiles: 7503156438, 9999012206

Visit for the following:-
Readymades in Gents’ wear: shirts, trousers, jeans, lowers, casuals, formals, t-shirts, suedes, track suits, sweaters, undergarments.
Accessories: Caps, gailas, socks, gloves, skin bands, lockets, bracelets, handbags, hand bands, masks, wallets, woolen caps, earrings, trimmers, goggles.
More: Deos, leather belts, nutrition, dumbbells, supplementary nutrition, gym equipment for homes.
Gym Equipment: Shaker, supporter, protein, gainer, fat burner amino, creatin, skipping rope, gym gloves, rods, weight, bench, multigym machine.

The following areas may note: Sagarpur, Jeevan Park, Nangal Raya, Palam, Janakpuri, Dwarka, Uttam Nagar and the small pockets in the surrounds. These small pockets: Hans Park, Geetanjali Park, Madan Puri, Vashisht Park, Mangla Puri, Sadh Nagar, Raja Puri, Sita Puri, Dabri.
Note: Trainer is available for PT (personal training). US based training (BMX Strength Training). And Girls?.. “Sorry, this is male only store but still you may step in, maybe you find some stuff which overlaps into girls’ category.”
. . . Desire of the young urban man . . .
Sandeep Sharma, Owner, Rock Collection. Readymade Garments For Young Men at Wholesale and Retail in Suburban West Delhi - Rock Collection in Sagarpur - Promotional Campaign by "Kind Attention". In city but deep, begin to step into mainstream fashion on a budg

14-15 years ago, what we are selling in this area today was not there. The customer was dissatisfied, disillusioned and system or method was not there. We don’t like customer to be dissatisfied, and don’t want him to compromise.
Young men of the area wanting to step inside or break into the mainstream fashion can start from here.

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